We The People. As Free Thinking, Culturally Rich Individuals.

  1. Never will anyone be required to have or to carry or to bear on their person any type of Identification of any kind. May We All. Forever Be Free.
  2. Let no Man Tread on Another's Culture.
  3. Our Objective is to raise the income of the Human Race.
  4. The URL is the property of the Human Race.
  5. All of the Human Race has a right to vote on all important issues.
  6. One Person One vote. Majority rules.
  7. All zeda's have complete autonomy and sovereignty, zeda's cannot make rules for other zeda's.
  8. We are blind to any Religion, Race or Political view.
  9. No moneys will ever be charged or levied in any way to anyone on Earth.
  10. Every zeda will post all donations and income received and all expenses paid for public scrutiny.
  11. All of the Human Race is accepted. As long as all laws of their Governments are followed fully, no one will ever be permanently kicked off. They will just need to comply.
  12. All Property, Physical or Not, shall remain the Original Owners'. shall lay no claim on any Property, Physical or Not, within

Randy T Poole


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